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Thread: Yam 90/65 Jet - starter issues

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    Default Yam 90/65 Jet - starter issues

    Well, I suppose I'm formerly in the boating category now... new(er) boat, under 15 hours on it and the motor. All worked well last night at midnight when I took it out and got it ready before taking a fast nap.

    Around 6am I was on the water at the Little Sue, about to release from the trailer at the launch and then it happened.... nothing. No starter action, nothing. Found out it jammed and while I had power to the unit and to the fuel pump, still no starter, no noise, nothing.

    So... anyone want to help me out? I'm curious about how much a new starter and an hour of labor is down town. While it could be something different, I just can't see it as everything else on the boat/engine had power.

    So if you were on the launch this morning and saw 3 guys working on a welded jon off to the left side, well, that was me.

    Funny... it still was better than working

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    Check for loose connections somewhere?

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    checked the fuses, connections, everything. Followed from start to finish.. nothing. Engine will tilt up and down from both locations, key turns over, just no starter.

    I'll take it somewhere in town.. not sure where yet, will call around on Monday.

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