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Thread: Anybody heard from Mike(Ram aviation)

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    Question Anybody heard from Mike(Ram aviation)

    Booked a hunt for next year with Mike from Ram aviation and was talking to hel very regularily until about a week and a half ago. Haven't been able to get e-mail or make voice contact since. Anybody know anything about this?

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    Default way too early to worry...

    sheesh, you have a hunt next year?
    perhaps the guy went on vacation...very common up here!
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    Default Arizona

    He's more than likely in Arizona for a bit. Just relax a bit I am sure you'll be able to get ahold of him.
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    Default Problem

    Problem is we have some confusion about the start date as of our last e-mail and we want to book flights this month. Just wanted to make sure nobody heard that he crashed or something. Kinda thought he might be on vacation but it would have been nice if he told me. His last e-mail was a question to me then nothing.:>(

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    Default Out of town probably

    Alot of the air taxi/hunting services have already hit the road addvertising for next year. Never stops for them. Understand because fares are already going up.



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