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    Just to the left of the ferry crossing on the Russian as you all know, is the handicapped fishing area. After the ferry quits crossing the river for the night is it o.k. for non-handicapped folks to stand between the signs and fish? I've never seen handicapped fishermen out that late, but I've seen plenty of people fishing that area after 11:00 P.M.
    Just wondering, because if it's legal I'm going to start fishing that hole at night also. I just don't want to get in a pissing contest over the ethics or legality of it.

    The wife and I went down on the 12th and slaughtered them. 2 limits in about 2.5 hours. Parking was a pain. Parked at the RR campground. It was backed up and they were letting one car in for every one out. Took about 45 minutes to get in and get parked.

    Nobody was doing any good on the Russian itself. Didn't encounter more than about 20 folks untill after the ferry crossing and then it was the combat that we all live for!

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    I'm fairly certain that the handicap-designated fishing spots are restricted to handicapped fishermen by law. Other folks may be fishing it, but they're likely breaking the law. Just like handicap parking spaces, they are set aside for the use of qualified users regardless of their presence or not.

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    Exclamation Reserved fish spot

    The Handicap zone at the Russian Ferry Crossing is closed to able bodied
    fisherman untill after August 20 when the red salmon season has finished for the year. This is a 24 hour restriction and you can get a ticket for fishing there and remember the fish cops work around the clock on their shifts and they write a good number of tickets at night. This love to hunt for fishing violators when you can't see them watching you. Tight lines and don't get a ticket.

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    akriverman is correct. Besides, there are plenty of spots to fish besides those handicap areas.


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