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    For a life long alaskan of 40 years I have seen and done many things.... however fishing the Russian River is something I have never done...
    With the weak king return in the matsu this year, I want to try the Russian for Reds. I am not looking for honey holes, but would you guys give me some tips on where to park my camper, where to fish... (at the mouth? up stream? if so how far are we talking?

    Thanks again Guys


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    You can pick up some coho flies just about anywhere and some #4 and #5 split shot. Typically, you can rig your split shot about 2 feet up your leader. The objective is to drop the fly fast, then bounce your fly into the mouth of a waiting fish.

    The confluence (where the Russian runs into the Kenai) is opening tomorrow. I enjoy the solitude of fishing past where the boardwalk ends but the confluence would be a good place to start. It's combat fishing there but it's a good place to meet folks and ask a few questions.

    I started by going to the confluence and watching what the folks were doing who caught the most fish, then duplicating it on other parts of the river.

    Good luck. The fish are in. A blind bear would winter over fine with the number of fish running through there right now
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    Greetings Cresent, I too am a 40+ year Alaska, however, I've been making trips down there since I was a kid. Having fished all over the state I can tell you that the Russian is one of the easiest fishing trips you will make if: 1) the fish are in, 2) if you can have a little tolerance for crowds and patience for idiots, 3) can get into a parking/camping spot. I try to get into the Russian River campground ( Cooper Landing) because I like to sight fish in clear water rather than blind cast in the murkier Kenai. Also try to fish during the week to minimze crowds. Park the car and head down to the river, maybe a couple hundred yard walk or so......very easy. Put on your polaroids and look for fish. They will appear as light gray forms finning upstream, sometimes holding in holes. You will be able to identify them if you can find one two with a broken off fly in them and see how they look in the current. Find some fish or a good run and stand where it is just in front of you. You should not need to cast but rather flip to them. Try to line them in the mouth, i.e. lead the fly into their mouth. You will want a strong rod for control as the current is fast and the fish surprisingly strong. Go with 20lb+ line or tippet, no need to worry about them being leader shy. Very easy once you get the weighting and fly setup correctly. The most complicated thing about fishing the Russian is the regs. Good luck and have fun.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply. I really appriciate it.



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