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Thread: Looking for Cabin to rent Kodiak Island?

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    Default Looking for Cabin to rent Kodiak Island?

    Hey all! I'm from Chicago,IL and about 6 friends and I are looking for a remote cabin to rent on Kodiak Island for about 8 days? Where is the best place togo and what else should I know? Thanks

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    Default Peterson

    KodiakCombos is out of Old Harbor. Just take a look at some of his ads here on the website and the pics he has on some of the threads. He is remote and has awesome fishing.

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    Default Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge

    Here's a link to the refuge cabins...

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    I don't have personal experience in that area, but there are some state cabins on Shuyak I that would work for that size group. There is fishing for silvers there.

    There are some private cabins.......the bushpilots know about them, for example, this one comes with boats.....and I've heard good fishing reports over the yrs:

    There are some other leads on there cabin tab on their main website here:

    What you should know is that fishing - especially inland river fishing- is largely a timing, weather and sheer luck thing; and it can vary between weeks and years from fish on every cast to nothing at there is no "best" or "sure thing" for any of these places.

    Expect several thousand $ in bushflight costs to any of these places. Be prepared to wait hours-days in the event of bad weather/visibility for dropoff/pickup.

    I personally wouldn't bother with the FWS refuge cabins for fishing. They are on lakes and more situated for hunting than fishing - which is best at the river mouths.

    Generally - the public cabins have a 7 consecutive day limit; cabin fees for public or private are paid up front. Bushpilots may or may not require a deposit. This varies too.

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    Default Kodiak; remote...

    Good advice has been given to you.

    Island Air flights to remote places with air strips run about $100 pp each way. Spots by floats average around $125 pp each way. You get 40-50 lbs. of gear dependent on flights and after that weight by the lb. at around $.65

    Adds up.
    Plus the weather element.

    Best way to play that island on the cheap is its road system splitting costs of vehicle rental and acommodations...

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