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Thread: Homer report for the past few days

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    Default Homer report for the past few days

    I've been here in Homer for about a week, out early, back by 1pm, if possible... most or all days Kachemak Bay was blowing and tossing in the afternoon and early evening. Cook Inlet was just about always bumpy to miserable. Wednesday, boat limited on halibut, several whales, otters, waterfowl, it was a perfect day, crystal clear, maybe 10 knots, three foot seas. Wednesday night, blew all evening and at 3:40am Thursday decided it was defintely going to be a rough day on the water and decided to head for the Kenai. Stopped at Deep Creek....tractor launch was closed for a weather day...even the eagles and gulls were confined to the beach. Fog, wind, generally uncomfortable. A few of the larger guide boats were dragging their trailers to Homer, which wasn't much better, maybe worse.

    Thursday, the Kenai was hot right from the opening. Part of our party drifted down from Skilak and had an absolute trout extramarama. While, down by Morgan's Landing the Russian reds were barreling by in fair numbers. Drove back to Anchorage this Friday afternoon. As you might expect, the word is out and the banks are shoulder to shoulder near the ferry.

    Kings are hitting around Pogy, at both 30' and 80' downriggers, herring following a flasher. I'd say that a couple guys can bag two kings, four halibut in that area early morning to attention and watch the weather. Kings are in the 20lb size range.

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for that report! We're going next week, but we'll be fishing early morning and hope to be off the water by the afternoon each day. Appreciate that report on kings around Pogi Pt, I've wondered if that's a good place to fish for kings. By the way, pics are great to go along with the report.

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    Water was nice today, we went out and got 4 halibut. Water was awful yesterday, and nice the day before. Haven't got any kings yet, but we got a 55# 'but 2 days ago. Water looks good tommorow. Will report.
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