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Thread: Homer / Seawrd or Sitka.

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    Default Homer / Seawrd or Sitka.

    Getting ready to plan my next Alaska trip and looking for recommendations.
    Which of the above would you prefer for

    1. Fish limits
    2. Size of fish
    3. accomadations

    Mainly targeting halibut.
    Thank you for any input.


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    Seward offers close proximity to the Kenai River for kings and a lot of salt water fishing. Halibut, ling cod (after 7/1) & rock fish.
    Try Millers Landing in Seward

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    Question Comparing

    It's not that easy comparing the three because it's not a direct comparison. For most people, Homer's claim to fame is halibut. Most of the charters are 6-packs or larger and they target halibut. There are halibut to be caught in Sitka and Seward too, but in Sitka this coming year, barring the court's overturning it, there will be a 1 halibut limit. Seward is also primarily 6-packs or larger and there is more of a mix of salmon and halibut, especially silvers. Sitka charters are primarily 4 people on a boat. They have great ocean fishing for Kings and silvers. I have also had great halibut fishing there. The "running time" vs the "fishing time" in Sitka tends to be a little bit better for "combination" charters because the salmon and halibut fishing seem to be closer together and usually, not always, closer to port. No matter where you go the results will vary more on the quality of your charter/guide and the weather than on the port. Hope this helps.


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