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Thread: Need help salmon fishing

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    Default Need help salmon fishing

    To anyone willing to help a soldier during his last summer in AK:

    I have been here for two summers and have had limited success fishing in Alaska. I have the right set up for kings at Ship creek and go just about every day, but the fishing has been slow.

    I want to do silvers and reds somewhat locally (am willing to travel to Kenai/Russian) I just need some help. I have a buddy who is getting into fishing as well and we just ask a lot of questions and copy what others are doing.

    If anyone is willing to work with me a little, I would really appreciate it. I can share gas and get away most weekends. I also want to dip net this summer.

    Also, I won a fly rod down at the wounded warrior event on the Kenai and will receive it soon, I have no idea how to use it.

    Thank you.

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    Default I will let you know when I head down

    I don't have a Russian River trip planned yet. That will be soon though.
    You are welcome to tag along and learn what little I know

    Dipnetting. I always go on the weekend around July 26th to Kasilof Beach South. The fish are smaller and you can't keep any Kings, but I enjoy the atmosphere and the people seem friendlier than Kenai North.
    I also like being able to drive my truck right down on the beach.
    You are also welcome to join me there. I have plenty of "hoops of death" for the fishing and usually loan out one or two while we are there.
    Last year, we caught 125 fish (two families) in about 5 hours.

    Let me know. PM me for my email addy. (don't want any search bots to get it).

    I like to go to the Willow Creek SRA and fish the mouth of Willow. It is combat fishing just like Ship, but is usually pretty decent.
    I have heard the Little Su gets a good run, but the only time I have caught from there was on a float trip from the Parks to Burma.
    Jim Creek gets some good silvers, it is turning into a combat fishery also though.
    Bird Creek is usually pretty good. Either flip and floss at low tide or Spinners and Pixies on incoming tide.

    AK Chappy

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    I'm a military spouse and live on base. I'm pretty new to fishing in general, but have 2 Ship Creek kings and a limit of Russian River reds under my belt so far this year. I have trips to the Russian planned next two weekends, currently full but if someone backs out, I'll send you a PM.

    No plans for Ship Creek this next week as all the tides are mid day, but the week after the Derby 21st-25th have some good PM tides, I tend to get down there 2-3 hours before the tide and come back 2 hours after, or 11. Lately been hitting Ship alone so if you want to ride with me during those days drop me a line.


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