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Thread: Final Bear for Spring

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    Default Final Bear for Spring

    Took my buddy Ryan out for a weekend black bear hunt, he’s been pretty bummed after years of hunting up here and not taking anything. I was honored and excited to take him out for a late spring bear – and it was a hoot doing the trip with him.

    Here’s how it went down. We packed in on a long hike Friday night and after crossing a couple rivers in the dusk and drizzle of the late evening, we bump into a huge black bear 10 yrds in front of us. It was a standoff at the OK corral. That bear was a giant…ears pinned back staring me right in the eye, needless to say, it was an exciting moment. After watching the bruiser for a second and evaluating the situation, gun ready, I realized he’s not going to charge and turned to tell Ryan to get his gun. Strapped in tight on the Barney’s pack it was a laughable sight seeing him try to yank that gun out.

    The bear slowly turns and walks away and by the time his gun’s out the bear is busting brush up the hillside. So, we headed on our way and spent the night. Slept in and started to head back to the glassing spot Saturday morning. About that same spot I catch a brief glimpse of that same bear back off in the woods. Ryan tries to get him in the scope but no go. Quick decision time so I raced us back to where we could see a small clearing – on the chance that he’d come through. Sure enough the second we get there, he pops out and starts across. “Shoot em, Shoot em,” I said, “He’s huge!” Bam, Ryan nails him with one shot at 54 yards. It was a monster of a bear, with a noggin that took two of us to lift for some pictures. Unbelievable. Also, that mean look with pinned back ears we’d seen the night before; was actually just his no ears look. They’d been chewed off and gone from too many fights. What a buster!

    Pretty neat to sit down and give thanks to God for blessing us (Ryan especially) with his first Alaskan big game animal. I was tickled to have been able to help him with it. What a deal.

    Ryan is 6’3” and he got down next to that hide and it was longer than he was. He’s not the best hide, but good enough to get tanned, we figure he’s going to be 7ft+. The hike out was nice, we split it up over two days.

    Skull measured out at 19 3/8”

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    Congrats to Ryan! I always like seeing character like that guy has.

    Sounds like good times.

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    Great story and nice job getting your buddy on his first AK big game animal! Now you have a chit to cash in when you shoot a bruiser moose and need some help packin in out.

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    Default Nice

    Great story and a huge bear. Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    Feel free to post a couple more pics.

    Congrats on an awesome weekend.

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    I have a friend like Ryan. He keeps coming to AK to shoot a black bear and always ends up missing his opportunities. That's alright though, I'll still do my best to keep putting him in front of bears until he makes a kill.

    Tell your buddy great job on a nice bear.

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    Thats a great looking bear

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    Default what a melon

    that head looks like a beach ball. good job guys.


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