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Thread: Where to fish halibut out of whitter???

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    Default Where to fish halibut out of whitter???

    I was wondering if anybody knew where to start for fishing for halibut out of whitter, without having to go out to montague island..... I have only had good luck with yellow eye and black bass... Any help would be appreciated...

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    Default Well here

    Go to Cochran Bay East side, Surprise Cove or 3 Fingers, move around till you find a flat spot fish down tide side of structure or points off land, (like down wind), where bait would end up and they can lay down and rest. Easther Rock to Easther Island 100 yards off island.
    Not like Homer fishing but still ok.

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    I'll give it a try next time i'm over there.... Thanks for the info!

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    look at NOAA nautical charts of PWS. Those are really helpful to get the idea of the bottom. Look for the areas that come up shallower anywhere from 50-300(depth i like to fish, you might want to fish deeper) and then go down deeper quickly. To go from like 40 fathoms to 90 or deeper. that change is perfect for halibut to just come up eat and then go back down. look for those areas. As well as the currents used by salmon, black bass, yellow eye, and small ling cod. Those are bait for big halibut. If looking for smaller butts look for hills to drift fish off of, those are the chicken holes, small eaters are there. Look around and check your charts, depth sounder, etc. good luck

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