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Thread: Seeking help with Denali area fishing

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    Hello everybody, I will be taking a trip to Denali next week for 4 days/3 nights as part of a summer school wilderness recreation science program, and was wondering if anyone had experience/knowledge of the parks fishing opportunities. My teacher said we will have base camp at Riley Creek, and will be hiking to numerous places with our farthest location in the "Savage" park area- (no clue where that is). The only lake I know we are specifically hiking to is Horse Shoe lake, but my teacher was also very accepting in taking us on a hike to a lake with fish if I could research and find one in time.

    Just looking to catch some trout or grayling, something to keep us entertained and show some kids that are new in the camping sector the fun of fishing basically.

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    Just went down to Denali last weekend, fished Horshoe Lake did not catch anything, saw a bunch of jumpers. There is not any good fishing in Denali, if anything go down the Denali Highway. Take the Parks Hwy up to Cantwell and take a left on the Denali Highway.Fish the creeks, grayling are in there. G luck

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    Hey Nick,

    I work in the park on the trail crew and also love to fish. Denali is definitely not a fishing hot spot but there are some places to catch some fish. If you can find some slow water on riley creek there are some grayling in there and also some in horseshoe lake. There are no trout around where you are talking about however. Another place you might want to try is the triple lakes trail and more specifically lake #2 on that trail. I am leading a crew on that trail all year and there are some grayling in that lake also and it is a very nice hike. Let me know if theres anything else I could help you with.

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    I have cought ( and released ) a lot of grayling out of riley creek. Be patient, the big ones were picky on certain patterns.


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