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Thread: Rafting supplies

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    Default Rafting supplies

    I am looking for some rafting supplies and dont know where to look and what is the best. Looking for paddles, patch kits, the anchors that you fill with rocks and drag. also I am looking for any rafting tips that you can throw out, I have rafted a few times but am always looking for tips and tricks.

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    Default Call Tracy or Mark AR&K

    1-800-606-5950 for some of your advise like the Anchor Bag! If you have ever received an NRS Catalog they have their dealers listed in the book to assist you with your rafting needs.
    Most raft manufacture also list there dealers on the web page so with a general search of AIRE, NRS, SOTAR etc.... you will find something in your area such as sells prodcut lines.

    Hope this helps! Give the boys in Anch a shout they will walk you through the process.

    Blue Moose

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    Default Note to Rancher-

    Okay, here are some links for you. I see you are in Minnesota, so stopping by Alaska Raft and Kayak is not an option (unless you're planning a trip to the true north country?)

    Northwest River Supplies

    Cascade Outfitters

    Down River Equipment


    These are all "west of the Rockies" outfits. Each of them has their own culture (we get a lot of that in the rafting market), and each one offers some different things. If you see something that you're not sure about, just ask! It's likely that whatever it is, somebody in this forum has used it or can offer a reasonable opinion on it.

    I know these are all online stores, and there's nothing like going to the actual store itself and browsing around. Because these are all far from your location, it might be good to find a place in your neck of the woods. But I don't know the East Coast market, perhaps somebody back there could chime in?

    Hope it helps!

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