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Thread: Yamaha 50HP outboard mechanic - Soldotna

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    Default Yamaha 50HP outboard mechanic - Soldotna

    I am sure this has been brought up before but I am looking for someone to do some work on my old (2000) 4 stroke 50hp Yamaha outboard in the Soldotna area.

    I know River and Sea has the capabilties but is there anyone else?

    If so contact info would be greatly appreciated.

    I have heard maybe "Ray's Marine Services" but can't seem to track down any contact information.

    Thanks in advance

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    Garth's Outboard Repair down Funny River Rd (can't find his number, but is a great guy and Ralph's Marine service (262-7364)who I belive is on Arc Loop but runs a moble box van repair service.
    Hi all, Erik & Jodi

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    Default Garth

    Another vote for Garth...........

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    A big vote for Ralph, if he can fit you in, he is usually swamped this time of year. His cell is 398-8659. He usually works late into the night and sleeps in a little. Keep trying him, his mailbox is usually full.

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    Default vote for Ralph

    Give him a call.

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    Default I vote Danny Paulsen

    He works on all kinds of motors, and is WAY more reasonable than Garth who last year charged me about $200 to put a salvaged power pack on my Johnson 9.9. I had already diagnosed the problem, and knew what it needed. Also, it's one heck of a long way out Funny River.

    I'm sure Sterling Mike (who posts here) would also give you a thumbs up on Danny, as he recently did some work for him as well.

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    Default Paulsen?

    Sayak, is it Paulsen or Danny Paulk? Paulk is a Kenai guide and is a wizard with anything boat wise, so I hear. I have had work done on the same motor Lunker by Garths. I think you will have a little wait on your hands no matter where you go. Garth definately treated me right. I have also heard all good things about Ralph.


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