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Thread: First Trip of the season

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    Default First Trip of the season

    I took visiting family to Seward on Monday and Tuesday for some time on the water in my Tolman Jumbo. They wanted to see if my home bult boat would actually float. This was my first trip of the season.

    I have a new max passengers mark. My sister and her husband are visiting from San Diego, My mom is visiting from New Mexico. So with my wife, son, daughter and son in law there were 8 of us on the boat. 3 over 200 lbs. I had the smaller power prop on.

    I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I figure we had 1350 lbs of people, fishing gear over several hundred lbs, ice, drinks, food, camping gear etc, at least 500 lbs. Add 60 gallons of fuel and it was a load.

    It took a little more to get on step but not significantly. The motor would strain a little more getting up to speed but not to bad. Water was a little rough so I didn't run wide open but it would still cruise at 28+ MPH. At times we had to run about 15 - 18 because of rough water. Monday afternoon had some wind and tide action and white caps were pretty thick. Throw some rollers in and while drifting for halibut a few guests got a little green but no one blew chunks. Had to cut it short on the fishing and go back to sight seeing.

    The girls stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at the small boat harbor. A little pricey but the rooms were nice and the convenience was great. They have a courtesy dock to drop off and pick up. I rented a transient slip for the night at $14 a night. The room balcony overlooked the slip. About 100 yds or less to walk to the room.

    After grabbing some dinner at Christo's and taking the girls back to the room at the end of the day, the guys headed out about midnight to Rugged island to try and entice a few more fish up. The water was nice but it did get a little dark. We picked up a few rock fish, a skate, a dozen cod but no halibut. Headed back in about 2:45 am. Got all tied in at the slip and in bed about 3:15 am. We slept 3 in the cuddy and one in the main cabin floor. I picked up some of those foam sleeping pads from Costco. The ones that are dense foam and fold in 3 sections. We slept pretty well until about 7 and time for breakfast.

    We all headed out and ran out on the East side of the bay sight seeing and taking more photo's. We made our way to Mary's Bay on the gulf side of Rugged Island and had about 40 minutes that we could fish before we had to head back to check out of the room. During that 40 minutes we did get a chicken Halibut to make an appearnace. Another skate and a couple of cod. As we were starting to leave the whales made their appearance. The sea lions were no where to be found. On the run back at about Callisto the porpoises started to play in the boats wake.

    We got back about 1 pm, checked out and loaded the boat. Left the boat at the bait shop and drove to Exit Glacier. We hiked to the face of the glacier and touched some ice. Then we drove back to town to walk through the Sea Life Center. That place is always a good stop for visitors. Then a drive to Summit Lodge for dinner and back home. Got to bed about 12:30 am and then up for work.

    On the drive back we did see the moose near 6 mile river and the Dall sheep near Beluga Point. I am exhausted.

    One thing I learned, it is hard to catch fish when you don't have your line in the water. Luckily we have plenty of fish in the freezer to send home with them.

    Oh, the tow vehicle. The new truck did well pulling the jumbo. I purchased a new Chevy 1500 with the 5.4 engine and 4 speed auto tranny. This was my first trip using it to tow the boat. We had 4 in the truck and the boat. I was able to climb the passes at 65 mph in cruise control but it did drop down in gear. The tranny stayed cool as did the motor. I felt the trailer back there a bit more than I do with Justin's 6.0 2500 HD truck, especially on the frost heaves. I am thinking air bags or air shocks could be in order. The fuel mileage was 10.3 mpg for the round trip. I got about 19 mpg on the same trip without the trailer at about 70 MPH. I am getting about 16 combined city and highway. All in all it seems like it will work well as a tow vehicle for this boat.

    I will post some photo's when I can download them from the cameras. I believe that my sister is well over 700 photo's this week

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    Fun trip. can't wait for the pics.

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    Sounds like a good time and glad to hear your tolman jumbo can handle more than expected, thats always a bonus. Well I was getting exausted hearing of the adventure and all the excitment. Hope to get back soon to get my time in next season. It is nice when you can load your boat up to the gills and still get on plane. I have put the 6 in my family plus niece, neffew also big brother in my boat and was supprized to get up and go. Took a bit more to do it but it did well. Had a grill, food, drinks, ice cooler and an inflatable on board. Boat was stuffed full but that 150hp jet was not to be challenged. Niether was my ego.


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