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Thread: Outboard motor Inspector in Anchorage?

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    Default Outboard motor Inspector in Anchorage?

    Can anybody tell me of a marina or person in the Anchorage area that could go take a look at a used outboard for me? I live in Fairbanks and would pay someone to take a good battery and do a compression test on the motor. Somebody with older (1980's) OMC/Evinrude/Johnson knowledge would be ideal since it's an 85' Evinrude. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I would recommend j kimberly on arctic just past raspberry. the work they have done for me has always seemed good and reasonably priced. i can't think of anywhere else i would recommend for an older omc.

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    Another vote for J Kimberly. Top notch service.
    Spending my kids' inheritance with them, one adventure at a time.

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    Thanks for the help guys, I got ahold of J Kimberly and am working on trying to get the motor over there for them to look at.


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