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Thread: Reel Lube/grease?

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    Default Reel Lube/grease?

    How often should you lube your reel? When I take the spool off, it seems like the grease eventually washes away, so I should probably replace it.

    What do you use - oil or grease?

    Where on the reel do you put it?


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    Tetra flouropolymer grease is what I use on all my reals. This grease bonds to the friction surface. I've been using it for quite a few years and have no use for others. As of now....I think I'm the only one who uses it on reels......all reals. Even when I buy and brand new reel........i strip it and fill it with this stuff. With my M-4 rifle where the gas system burns off all the oil in my rifle where exposed to the hot gases......the gun grease is the only stuff that seems to remain....of course i only put this stuff on the spots that see heavy friction.....everything else gets rem.oil. Who knows......maybe I might start a trend here on the forum.......

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    Default Reel Lube/Grease

    Hi Ruger 01.
    Even though there are heaps of sprays,greases on the market which all claim they are just right for the job,after fishing for over 50 yearsI mainly,now only use Petroleum Jelly,Loctite Silicon or Lanoline Greases. Don't use the spray on lubricants as they usually get on your hands & the fish will smell them,you usually end up with a sticky mess as well when the spray breaks down. However if you are fishing in brackish salty water,a wipe with Canola Oil will prevent corrsion.
    It also helps to inspect,clean them,renew the grease a couple times a year,espesially if they happen to go for a swim & before storage.


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