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Thread: looking to buy a new boat any suggestions

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    Default looking to buy a new boat any suggestions

    I am lookig at a new 20' Hewescraft sportman but am not dead set on this yet. for the river and inlet on good days.

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    Default I too am lookig for boats

    I have been doing alot of research on this so I will share what I have found some other boats you might want to look at are:
    Thunderjet,Motion marine, Maxxium Marine,RMX, HCH, weld craft, custom weld. Siglers marine and rv travle and marine in the states have a large inventory you can check them out on line at . I have been looking at Thunder jet boats i like the deadrise of the hull for runnning rivers and the overall layout of the boat on the Alexis classic. Just depends of what you are looking for.

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    My last boat was a 24' jet boat, which, by the way, is currently for sale. Jet boats are a great all around boat for southcentral alaska, and can be used for everything except the Kenai due to the HP restriction (although they can still be used at the mouth for dip netting).

    When something is multiuse like this it can do well at each function, but will not be the best. That is why I got a offshore boat for the ocean, I liked that aspect of it better than the river running. The thing with jet boats is that they are not all the same. As the size gets bigger they will be more suited to the ocean than the rivers and creeks. I think my 24' with a 460 inboard and trim tabs did better in the ocean than a 21' thunderjet, but if I got stuck on the Deshka, I was wishing I had the 21' boat (or better jet a sportjon).



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