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Thread: Bowtech Tomkat??

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    Default Bowtech Tomkat??

    I am considering buying one of these to get back into bowhunting. I have been bow-less for a couple years and always owned PSE's.

    Anyone have any insight or experience with this bow? With any Bowtech bow?

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    Default For what it's worth

    Before purchasing my first bow this spring I looked at the Tomkat but was told by the pro shop owner I went to that it wasn't worth spit. In fact he had several trade-ins hanging on the wall and said he'd sell me one if that's what I really wanted. I opted for the Diamond Rapture instead which is made by Bowtech but a much better bow in his opinion. (and less expensive) Being new at the sport I followed his recommendation and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Hope you find what suits you.

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    Default Hard to say.

    I have a Pro 40 Dually and could not be happier. I have three friends that have various BowTechs and are really happy.

    BowTech went threw some rapid growth in the beginning. At first someone else made their limbs and everything was fine. Then they decided to make their own and started having splitting problems. (Mine is an older one with outsourced limbs)

    The Diamond series I believe is not made by BowTech. They sell them but they are probably made by someone else and marketed by BT.

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    Default Tomkat

    I purchased my Tomkat about ayear ago and have had no problems. I was like you; had been out of the sport for a few years and waned to get back into it.

    I went and shot several Bows that were compairable in price and were the setup I was looking for. I wanted a compact, light weight, consitent shooting bow and I couldnt be happier with my Tomkat.

    Are there better bows out there?? Sure but the Tomkat felt good to me and I have had no second thoughts about my purchase.

    I took a nice bull on the haul road in august and have been getting ready for my Dec Ft. Rich Moose hunt. I thought it might shoot differently in the colder weather but so far it hasnt.. We havent had any real cold weather yet though.

    The only thing I can say is figure out what type of setup you want and how much you want to spend. Then go to a shop and start shooting.

    Good luck

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    Default Bow tech

    I have a good friend with the tomcat and he loves it. i have shot it and like it, however if you want the best your going to pay for it. I bought the tribute a few months ago and cant believe how awesome it is. also made by bowtech

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    Default Bowtech Tomkat

    I own a 2005 bowtech mighty mite and love everything about it. There were other bowtech's that i liked better but couldn't afford them. I shot the tomkat and liked it but got a great deal on the mighty mite. My opinion is buy what is in your price range and what feels good to you.

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    The post above is the first thing I can find that speaks poorly of the bow. It fits my needs and is in the price range that I want to spend. I need a 31" draw, so that can limit my options. It seems like a good bow (on paper). I am leaning towards getting one. I cant find anything comparable to it.

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    Default tomkat

    I just got a new one and like it a lot, so far.

    I'll let you know my opinion about this time next year !!!!!
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    Default tomkat

    I am new to bow hunting and bought a tomkat. I can't see why I'd need another one. I shot a nice bull last year first hunt out on the haul road.

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    Thumbs up I love the tomcat!!

    I bought a Bowtech Tomkat this year, I also had an older hoyt and for the price and all the accessories the bowtech was a great purchase for me for the price. I shot a nice bull caribou and a black bear with it this year. My arrows shot all the way through both animals I harvested. It shoots 300ft per second and is really light weight and compact. I really like it. I would suggest you to get the 70# draw if you decide to purchase this bow. I would definately recommend it.


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    I got one and love been shoting bow for goning one 18yrs but when i moved up here didn't know anything about here. Take the test to get certified back to the tomkat I shoot about 2hrs aday and I haven't had a problem with it. Very good company to talk to. Give me a call and I will let you shoot my (907)529-7633 if your in anchorage


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