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Thread: Chitina Launch and Tie-off

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    Default Chitina Launch and Tie-off

    The last time I was at Chitina, I drove my truck down to Haley Creek and camped on the beach downstream of the it's been a while.

    I want to take my teenage boys down next weekend. Can you still launch a 20' jetboat from the otherside of the bridge (off the left side as you cross it)? Can you tie-off somewhere when not using the boat, or do you have to trailer it?

    Also, where's the tent camping there now? O'Brien Creek? And if anyone wants to offer up some boat netting would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks folks.....

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    On the left side of the bridge is about the only place you can launch a boat now. Just got back a few days ago and limited out down in the canyon drifting for a few hours.

    Tip 1. The water is low so watch for gravel bars.
    Tip 2. As the water rises skirt the outside of the Chitnia River and Copper River...Water can be turbulent there.
    Tip 3. Make sure your boat is ready and have all the appropriante things you need. Troopers are out!
    Tip 4. Have fun and be safe.

    Ohh. by the way...I just back the trailer up to the edge of the river and tie the boat to the back of the trailer when I'm not using it. I've done it that way for years.
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    Just FYI...the river is currently flooding and fishing is extremely bad. All the warm weather made for too much melt-off and it's gone up a lot. I'd call Hem's fishing report for the most current info before you go: (907)823-2200.

    You can also go here to see NOAA's official river level measurements: w=1%2C1%2C1%2C1%2C1%2C1&toggles=10%2C7%2C8%2C2%2C9 %2C15%2C6&pt%5B%5D=all&allpoints=145343%2C146616%2 C144725&data%5B%5D=all&submit=Make+my+River+Page%2 1

    As you'll see, the river conditions have changed dramatically in the last several days.


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