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    We have a great crop of voles up here in Fairbanks. They chomped the living daylights out of our lettuce so I went trapping. I have caught three so far. I have both the old fashioned traps and the new clip ones.

    I think that there was a great deal of snow and it allowed them to survive from predators.

    The weather is great and the plants are growing quickly.


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    I've been over-run by the little fuzzy vermine here for the last bunch-o-years. I've had them eat portions of as much as 25% of my potatoes, and 15-20% of my carrots in the past.

    They rotate from crop to crop, digging holes as necessary, depending on what's coming ripe, or providing edible fruit for them. At least that's what it seems from watching their havoc develop year after year.

    There's LOTS of methods to trapping the little fellers. Depending on how badly they've infuriated a person, some methods can become quite creative. Entertaining even...

    This evening, in between patching gouges in the freighter canoe for an upcoming trip, we laid out nearly 30 mouse traps in berry beds, main garden, potato garden, barn, etc., with peanut butter and oatmeal placed on the triggers as a tempting bait that has resulted in the deaths of many of their kin.. 4 hours later, I was well on my way to a bountiful vole harvest, averaging 2 an hour this evening.

    I figure that when I approach the 200-300 mark, I can begin to call my spuds, berries and carrots MINE once again.

    I wish there were a State-sponsored bounty on the little devils. I might have an actual retirement to look forward to then..

    Earlier this spring I had a family of owls hooting here and there around the trees surrounding the property. They seem to have departed for more attractive climates, so I guess that the vole killing is up to us now.

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    the voles LOVE buckets... i had nearly 200 in my molasses bucket they chewed the spout on... and the sticky stuff turned into the tar pits...

    five gallon bucket.. with lid 3 inch hole in center of lid... a bag of sweet feed from the feed store...( the birds will eat it too..) or some grain if you don't want to spend 10 bucks on a 40 lb bag of food. put a cup full at a time in the bucket...

    a small plank to get them up the bucket... and in they go.. you can do the humane thing and release them in the yard of a sour neighbor or you can fill it with water as you gather them....

    on base they made us use the live traps and i would get 15 at a time with PB and maple syrup...sweet is the key... they love it... the vole is more like a gerbli the kids like to make pets...

    now if you have sherws... they are there to eat the voles....

    oh works on squirrles sometimes too.. but they can aim for the hole and jump
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