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Thread: First Willow float?

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    Default First Willow float?

    Doing the lower for kings one day. The upper for bow the next day.
    Most of my rafting experience in on the Chena. What do I need to know about the willow to stay safe?

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    Default People, Tight Turns and Sweepers

    Ben glad to see your heading out and about with your Raft you will have a ball.

    If your going as high as Shirley Town Bridge you have the entire bag of mix tricks to deal with. Rock, Decent Current, tight turns and trees. Once you get lower sometimes depending on the year you have some log issues with James and some tight water but doable for the most part.

    Floating down from the the Parks you will find people, people and more people so expect lost of friends and inless someone has cleared out the river lots of logs to deal with. Being that your raft is on the small side you should have no issues with handling the river. Some places it is like floating the North Fork of the Chena just add lots of people.

    I will shoot you a PM with Mike's phone number he has ran it in drift boats and rafts and can fill you in on any details that might help.

    Have Fun!

    Blue Moose

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    Thanks Moose. I got out a few times last year. The chena and kenai. Lots of fun! I really like this rafting stuff, much to the dismay of the wife.

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    Default Willow from Shirley Towne To the bridge

    Check out my post from earlier this year, the float sure wasn't what the guide books made it out to be.
    If you see my PFD let me know.

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    I read the thread you suggested. Wow! Sounds like a lot of wood in that little creek. Our trip as gained another person and looks like we will not be in my little 12' AK Series. We will have a Soar Levitator. I've never been in one, but from what I hear, they are made for just this type of float. I'll go through the thread again and take some notes on trouble spots. We still have a couple of weeks before we go (21 -23), so I'm sure conditions will change before then.
    thanks again

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    Default willow on a SOAR Levittator

    Let me know how that goes. Just got one and want more info on how it performs. Have read it is awesome.


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    Our float didn't happen. Why? Liquid sunshine. We decided we would rather be cold and wet somewhere other than the boat. Camped and fished Montana Sun and Mon. Foul hooked a jack and lost another fish of some kind. If your willing to put up with the drunks and combat folks, you could proably get a fish. We weren't willing. I don't like strange people, especially drunk strange people.
    But, if you weren't in the hole, you weren't catching fish. Seen some fish roll out in the silt, but nothing on the end of the sandbar. It was fun to get out though.

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    Default do it now ;)

    Traditionally this weekend has been the better one to float Willow, for sheer numbers of fish. Not saying there WILL be sheer numbers this year, but its usually this weekend and next when you find the best numbers inriver. If you find a good looking hole without hordes of people on it, its not a bad idea to hang out and fish. Actual float time with today's water levels will be about 2 hours- so if you're fishing a good spot you don't have to worry about jamming back into the river and making your pullout; you have lots of time to fish.

    Liquid sunshine? Shoot, this is Alaska! Besides, it coulda been the white stuff- did you see the mountains on the 22nd and 23rd?


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