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Thread: Copper River trip

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    Default Copper River trip

    We have been planning on going to the Copper River THIS wednesday. But now I have read that there is no fish right, due to high water. I knew the nice weather was too good to be true. Anyways does it look like it would be a waste of time or does it just talk a little more work/time to get them.
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    Default Depends

    It depends on if you're fishing from the rocks or a boat, and also, what the numbers were like 10-14 days or so ago at Miles Lake. If the water is really high though, make sure you have a really long net handle or you might not be able to get on the bottom if you're drifting from a boat. It's always a gamble on when to go, I wish you luck.

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    I was planning on leaving today and fishing tomorrow, but I've put the whole trip on indefinite hold until the water drops. According to Hem's fishing report, the river is actually flooding right now. Technically, today and Tuesday would be the days to be fishing based on the numbers that went through the counter two weeks ago, but things just sound pretty unfishable right now.

    If you do go, be sure to let us know how it goes. I don't expect to make the trip now for another couple of weeks. Hopefully another big surge of fish will enter the system.


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