Little information maybe can go to helping a lot of people.

Had the pleasure of spending 6 quality hours with our Local Fairbanks Becoming and Outdoor Woman group. We put together a teaching trip with different types of AIRE & NRS rafts, kayaks and canoes with different frame configurations to inlcude a paddle boat, skid plate, TM and Big Horn I frame as well as different oar & paddle lengths. Provide them a lesson on the water (nothing swift water type) just general rafting / boating safety, sweepers, strainers etc......

I turned them on to this site so I am sure you will find some quesitons coming your way which is a great thing.

I guess what I am trying to say is this forum is a great place to become involved with other like minded organizations to use our resources. If you have the time check with the ADF&G about the program and lend a had. You do not have to be a guide or white water junkie just someone willing to volunteer some time for a couple of hours and or days depending on what you wish to help with.

There is a chapter in Fairbanks as well as Anchorage.

If your in Fairbanks contact Nancy she will help you help other.

Blue Moose