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    I got a confused pup... my female pointer will hold and point every bird in the field... she is a very solid dog. but after the flush and shot.. she wont retrieve the downed bird instead she points it... any help???
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    First I'd have to ask how old the dog is.............?
    Second.....Do you have a retrieve command? Does your dog have a good familiarization between a pick up command and "Whoa" hold your point command.
    If you have been spending lots of time developing a point then your dog is doing exactly what you ask. But to the extreme. Pointing everything instead of retrieving.
    At the same time you need to develop a pick up command. A release to let the dog know it's ok to retrieve. You have to have balance in your training to have the dog understand both.
    Fun retrieves in the yard are good ways to teach a retrieve command. Simply use that command as a release to retrieve. Over time that new command can be combined into field work.
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    she will be a year in august... i understand shes stil a pup and learning... were getting there...i'm not one of those aggressive trainer more of lets have fun styles...the only thing we played with when she was little was a bird wing... i'd hide it and let her find it or i'd throw it and let her get it but i always said "find that bird" maybe i should try what you said with a (fetch it up) command.... shes not a toy dog she doesnt really care to fetch a ball or frisbee.. but when i get a bird or a wing shes on fire. when i taught her to flush the bird i'd tell her to "go easy" then take it.... when she flushed it before i started shooting the birds i'd just say dead bird. now shooting them when the shot fires shes already searching for another bird.... then she points the dead one
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