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Thread: Whats the best time for Haul Rd. Caribou??

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    Default Whats the best time for Haul Rd. Caribou??

    Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on the best time of year for caribou on the haul road. I went up last year the first week of September and shot a nice bull,but the herd was still kinda far north.
    What month would you recomend going up on the Haul Rd??

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    The season is something like 10 months it depends on what you mean by the *best* time. What are you looking for? Least amount of bugs, winter hunt. Most movement (migration), late August to September. Least number of hunters, Late winter. Biggest racks, Late September/October...but the rut stink may make the meat un eatable. There are tons of threads on this subject so you may want to do a SEARCH. Regardless, have fun!
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    The thing about caribou is they are where they are...and they can be there one day and gone in 2 hours for it's more like a roll of the dice! I'd rather have not to big of herds to sneak up on anyways, so big numbers be ****ed LOL......Actually it's much easier to get closer on a smaller group. It sure is nice to see the big herds like I saw my first couple of years up there shew. Those were both august hunts and man alive did we get on animals...did we kill one? No, we couldnt get close enough, TOOOO many animals.

    Just no way to predict an unpredictable animals movments. When they'll be there, and where they are going to go....which river drainage they are going to follow this fall. If you want a great hunt, call up an air charter and have them drop you in front of the herd.

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    Default Search the Threads

    There is LOTS of info about best time for Haul Road hunts. You the SEARCH function


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