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    I called Scavenger Backwater Motors last week regarding Alaska shipping. For the motor that I'm interested in (6.5 Honda), it looks to be around $300-350 total versus the online L48 list cost of $100. However, they mentioned that a multi-motor buy would bring the cost down ... as an example, about $100 per motor for a 2-3 motor purchase ... that's their ballpark estimate ... not a hard quote. Since I've seen/heard at least one other person make mention of their interest in these motors, I figured that I would toss it out to see if anyone else would want to go in on a multi-motor purchase.

    Here is a link to the site:

    ROE on this will be pretty straightforward ... each person pays their motor cost and online listed shipping for that motor since both vary by engine model and/or size. Whatever additional shipping is left for the bulk buy will be split evenly among the group. I doubt that we will end up with enough motors to drop the total shipping below the cumulative L48 cost ... but if that happens, we'll divide the savings evenly to keep it simple unless someone starts quoting the Marquis of Queensbury rules ...

    As for payment, I'm only see two feasible routes ...

    #1 ... everyone pays me and I make the buy. For those that might be hesitant to go this route because you don't know me, all I can say is that I'm a full time AK Air Guardsman and a unit commander ... I'm not going to risk my position or paycheck ... much less flushing a 20yr military retirement (of which I just became eligible to collect last week) in the pooper for a petty larceny conviction over a couple of grand or a few mud motors.

    #2 ... I will call Scavenger to see if each person can make their purchase/payment by telephone or online.

    Either way ... we will all have to agree that we each will be able to make full payment by a certain day ... something like no later than Wednesday 17 Jun ... And by full payment, that includes by credit card to Scavenger if they will go the "separate checks" route.

    If someone has a better route to go, please post it up ... I'm all for a better way.

    From what they were telling me, the motors will truck to the west coast then come up via ship ... they said to figure on two-to-five weeks based on availability and build time - Some of their more popular builds (eg. Honda 6.5) are kept in stock already built and ship quicker. However, since ours will be a bulk shipment = all leave at once ... count on five-to-six weeks for planning purposes ... something like the first week of August. If they get here earlier it'll be like Christmas in July!

    If I've missed anything, please post it up. Otherwise, shoot me an email if you want in ... or ... no later than midnight Thursday night. Please include your first and last name, telephone number, the motor and your payment preference (i.e. to me, credit to Scavenger, or either). I'll check both email accounts Friday morning and tally everything up.

    Once I get the motor tally, I'll give them a call Friday morning to get a good quote. Once I get the quote, I'll immediately send a group email with the total cost and individual breakdown so everyone gets to see what's in the pot and nobody has to worry about me or anyone else getting a sweeter cut on shipping. I will also ask Scavenger to send out a bill quote to all of us via email to confirm the total. Sound fair?

    I know some of this sounds like overkill but there are a lot of turds out there and I want to remove the fear of and risk of this turning into a turd sandwich for any of us.

    In an effort to reduce folks "hemming and hawing" how much they can spend, I would recommend you look at it as though you were buying one alone = motor cost plus $350. If you are ready and able to pay that with a smile and without undue strain on you and your family. If you are good with that, then you are in and your smile will only get larger once we figure the reduction in your shipping cost. Otherwise, I don't think that you should get in on this.

    Once all payments have been made or NLT Wednesday, 17 Jun, I will confirm the order. If anyone drops out before then, the individual cost will be recalculated as detailed above after I call Scavenger.

    Sound right?

    Whew ... that's a lot!



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    Reference #2 payment option ... the Scavenger folks said that separate/individual credit card payments directly to them on multi-motor buy can be worked.




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