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Thread: Kind of disappointing weekend..

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    Default Kind of disappointing weekend..

    A group of friends and I, me being the oldest at 20, took a trip Friday Morn till Sunday morning. We bought the Book the "Highway Angler" and set out South with high expectations of fishing. We fished several spots off the Parks HWY according to the book, following the atv trrails in a truck and hiking for miles..We went all over the place, made our way to Denali State Park for a night then to the Denali HWY for a day. WE fished several locations and came away with maybe a dozen, less than 10 inch Grayling all together.

    The trip was exciting, and fun with lots of hiking,camping, and cooking on our own, but we were expecting to catch a lot.

    I am looking for some tips and help on when a better weekend will be or where, maybe what to use, when to fish. The book led us in a good direction, and all the spots were fair-good, and excellent but we didn't catch much. I am looking for spots in the interior for now and want to know where the fish were..

    Any help? Comments? Thanks

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    Default Interior fishing

    The book you mention is the best resource I know of. Granted I have not read every book about fishing in Alaska, I believe you have a good source.

    I highlighted all the "excellent" locations in the interior and the book has not let me down. Its not an aboslute, neither is fishing and catching.

    Sounds like you may need to go further south having expectations of numerous and bigger fish from highway access. If you had a small river boat or access to one, fishing the interior would be better for you?

    Try the upper Chena, I saw some reports of "Epic" fishing there.
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    It is a good book, I can't even imagine how they documented some of the lakes we hiked to but they were there, on the spot.

    We highlighted the excellent and good-fair locations but still did not have the best of luck. Yea we may have to go closer to the bigger water, but were just looking for some interior fun. We had a canoe we took but the spots were not always the best for boats, mainly lakes and streams..

    I will check out the Upper Chena, thanks!


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