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Thread: planes going down

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    Default planes going down

    The AK has the BEST,so what is wrong?

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    with what??
    accidents happen.

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    Default Huh?

    Quote Originally Posted by cabin View Post
    The AK has the BEST,so what is wrong?
    We also have the MOST, meaning even with a very small percentage having problems, it still is more total than most other places.

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    1. We have more planes flying, so 00.10% of 5,000 airplanes flying is five accidents in one month.

    2. We have interesting weather and terrain.

    3. We have limited time and companies push for summer income.

    4. The costs are going up, corners get cut.

    5. Less customers mean less income for maintainence.

    6. The planes are getting older and nobody makes affordable replacements.
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