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Thread: Time for a new 0* Sleeping bag, recomendations please

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    Default Time for a new 0* Sleeping bag, recomendations please

    I've had a moon stone 20* bag for the past 10 years and after freezing my rear off last night it's time for a new bag. I'm thinking the insulation has started to break down, the draw string on the mummy isn't working right, and the zipper likes to jam.

    What I'm looking for a in a new bag
    -0* rating, who knows when i'll be using the bag/ what enviroment, I have my moon stone for warmer trips
    -Synthetic fill, I do take the occasional river trip and my moon stone kept me warm even when my tent had a lake in it
    -Regular length, I'm 5'5" 160ish
    -I'm not sure if I want a mummy or rectangular bag with a hood, I toss and turn a fair amount, I've delt just fine with a mummy
    -Under 4 pounds
    -A bag that will last, I'm not worried about spending some $$ on bag

    I like the look of the cabelas boundry waters bags, they are 3lb 3oz for the mummy and 3lb 8oz for the rectangle.

    I'll be using the bag for everything for back packing, raft trips, hunting, car camping.

    Would you go with a mummy or rectangle bag? What bags do you recomend in the 0* synthetic fill catagory?


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    Default Golite Venture 0F

    You have about three and one half hours to buy a golite venture 0f down bag for 240.00. They have a 40% sale on internet site. Otherwise you are going to have to pay through the nose for moonstone quality.


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    I don't care for mummy bags and switched to a Wiggys Ultra Light that I use on all my hunts and have never been cold. Mummy bags IMO are to restrictive and I tend to get twisted up in them. Take a look at the SuperLite, it's a 0 degree rectagular bag and weighs about 4 1/2 lbs. Wearing the proper attire when it comes time to bed down will help also, I like sleeping in polopro or capilene clothing.

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    This is what I have. No complaints. It's rated to 0 F and has a little more width across the shoulders than most bags. The workmanship is good for the price range.
    Now what ?

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    I've never had an issue with Northface. I have a 20F bag that's 15 years old, been on numerous sheep, moose, caribou, trips...and still going as strong as the day I bought it.
    They're worth a close look. I'm getting ready to buy my teenage son's the Cat's Meow 20F....OK, so the model names are pretty geeky.


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