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Thread: launching in Anchor River

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    Default launching in Anchor River

    When I was a kid my grandfather would take me out of deep creek by launching in the river mouth. I just became the owner of an 18 foot crest liner and want to take it out for some halibut. I know you can no longer launch in deep creek but can you launch in the mouth of Anchor River at high tide fish the out going and come back in at high tide? I stopped by last year and it looked like you could and there was an 18 foot Lund going out but I did not see him launch.

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    Default They do launch there

    And like Deep Creek of pre-flood days, you are committed to the whole tide cycle.

    How would this be: launch at Anchor, head south and fish off Bluff Point, then have someone meet you at Homer harbor? Good day of fishing. Wonder if you could skip the $12.00 launch fee.


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