Hi. I am looking at land around the lake creek / fish creek area north of ancorage. I am wanting to build a cabin and do some fishing and hunting around there, as well as just enjoying the outdoors. I am interested in any thoughts or observations you may have about the area. Are there a lot of bears in that area? How much does it cost to fly in from anchorage? If I get the land I am planning on going in and spending a month or two there preparing the land to build a cabin, cutting and peeling trees, and letting them season for a year or two, then returning and building. I am thinking june and july. Is there anyting I should know about the area that isnt obvious to the casual observer? I am from Colorado and dont know anything about the area except that it looks remote and beautiful and looks like there would be some good fishing and hunting in the area.

I really appreciate any helpfull information or advice.