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Thread: Questions on Deshka Trout...

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    Question Questions on Deshka Trout...

    Just curious if anyone would point me in the right direction as to where some decent places to fish are on the Deshka for trout? I will be down in Wasilla Memorial Day weekend. What is the best bait to use? Or, does anyone know of any other places maybe closer to Wasilla that has good trout fishing? Thanks in advance.

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    The Deshka won't be open for bait this early and the only place I've done WELL for trout is upstream quite a ways where you can get into the running water and log jams/cover (requires a decent jet boat). Many of the lakes around the valley have great trout fishing and won't be crowded during Mem. day. If you need a river to fish, I would try some of the upper Parks Hwy streams (Montana, Sheep, Caswell, etc..) The kings won't be up there yet so they shouldn't be too crowded and the bows will be hungry.

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