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Thread: Chitina Dipnetters Web Page(and zero Kings)

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    Default Chitina Dipnetters Web Page(and zero Kings)

    Another big(King sized in fact) reason to get involved in the Chitina Dipnetters Association, the reduction from 1 to none for Kings. The commercial fishers had "only" caught 5 thousand or so and of course that's a sign that the harvest needs to be reduced but only by dipnetters! As they continue to harvest Kings!?
    Our new Board Member, Paul Delys has put together a new web-page and take a look:
    The battle for Subsistence classification, currently in the courts, would protect us from being the whipping boy for any cuts in harvest. The CDA has taken on the stacked deck of the Fish Board and hopefully our Courts will grant us some justice. Don't hesitate to make a donation either! Its heavy lifting to take on the State Board of Fish and it's as unlikely to find a front end loader for free as a Lawyer who'll work for peanuts. We've a good lawyer and some corresponding good bills from his efforts.
    Good luck on dipping this summer and remember just cause you can't keep a King at Chitina there is a bunch of Non-Alaskan fishers down in Cordova being given that opportunity(the average number of Kings per commercial fisher is 40 something) and they'll sell you one at Safeway! Got a problem with that? Get involved, write a letter or send money!
    Paul Holland
    Chitina Dipnetter Association Board Member
    Paul Holland
    Board Member Chitina Dipnetters Association
    chitinadipnetters dot com

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    Paul, what is the status of the lawsuit?

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    It's getting harder and harder for your average Alaskan to fill a freezer. I'm a little tired of everything being managed for commercial fisheries first. At some point, someone in government needs to recognize that ALL Alaskans need to feed our families, not just the commfish people. When I have to make multiple trips to "personal use" fisheries each summer, then hope I hit in between commercial openings so we actually catch something, I'm spending a lot of time and money on each trip that quite often is a total waste.

    I can't afford but one or two major trips each summer, so I want a reasonable assurance of catching enough fish to make it wothwhile.


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