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Thread: What is a good pike fly to tie?

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    Question What is a good pike fly to tie?

    I need some help and ideas on fly tying flies for Northern Pike. What is your favorite fly pattern for these toothy fish? What color, hooks, and methods works the best. I only have used hardware in the past and I would like to do a change of pace and try fishing with a fly. I do plan on tying some poppers and would like some advise on color to paint them up with. Please add some photos if you don't mine sharing. Thanks in advance for all and any advise. Tight lines!

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    the biggest black wooly bugger you can tie. that is the only thing i ever put on the end of my line when targeting pike!
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    I caught a pike today on a big White/Green Bunny Leach...I picked them up at Sportsmans, pretty cheap quality though...sorry no photo

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    Default Pike flies

    Anything with bunny strips work well, lots of, brown are really good colors too. Don't forget about weedless topwater mice or rats in the shallow thick weeds.

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    I am new to fly fishing, that is I fly fished for two weeks before I deployed. However, I went to Minto Flats one time with some guys from church and I saw the biggest pike caught on a fly rod with a gray mouse fly. Two 20lbs caught on the mouse on that trip.

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    really almost anything will work but it falls into three camps....surface such as mouses, black bunny leeches (brown, olive too) and baitfish patterns (clouserish stuff).

    They don't have to be huge to catch fish (i.e. 5 inches plus) but they should have some bulk to them.

    Many times on a follow it can also help to let it sink to the bottom....many times the pike will follow it down....stare at it for what seems like an eternity....then suck it up (often right in front of the boat) so, if you're getting lots of follows but few bites, give that a shot. (happens mostly in cold spring water)

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    These have worked for me in CO...

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    Lightbulb Pike fly tying

    Thank you for your responses and adding your ideas and photos. I have been busy tying flies and filling up my fly boxes. Any other suggestions on color or color combinations? Thanks again for all your help. Tight lines to all!

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    Default Food For Thought

    Rumor has it that Alaska is going to have an extreme over abundance of voles this year which leans toward the below listed flies.

    One of my old favorite bass and pike flies is a Dahlberg Diver & Water Pup both are tied weedless which is a plus and both are fished on or just below the surface which makes for great top water action and very exciting fishing. Great pictures!

    The Water Pup is almost like the Diver except it has a smaller front end and longer single piece of Zonker and can be tied in any color they have.

    Have fun and enjoy your time fishing the surface I'll warn you it becomes addicting when a 20 LBS pike slams your fly on the surface! Spoil a fisherman it will!

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    Also some yellow and red seaducers..or red and white. unweighted so they just hang there in the water... Also dont forget pink .

    And big nasty looking strip leeches...combo of yellow red chartuese pink or pink.....

    Dahlbergs work as do mice patterns..but man they tear them up quick..still fun to use.

    There is some neat looking wobbler patterns I think would work well also in the basic pike colors. I think it was a alaska rainbow book I have that I saw them in...kinda act like a rapala in the water, though more short and fat like a wiggle wart. I'm sure they'd work well.


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