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Thread: Fly tying gear storage??

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    Default Fly tying gear storage??

    So I've been tying my own concoctions now for about a year, and my gear is starting to get so out of control that I'm losing my motivation to tie. Sifting through the countless spools of thread, hackle, maribou, and so on is really getting old, and my wife is fed up with me cluttering up the kitchen table, sometimes for days on end. So my wife has agreed that for Fathers Day I can get set up with something to organize all my gear. I'm not sure if this is more for me or her, either way, I'm ok with it. So I was wondering if all you could share how you store all your fly tying gear. Pics would be greatly appreciated. And I'm open to any ideas. Thanks in advance guys.

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    Ever thought about using a roll top desk? Here's one in the SLC area for $100. You can prevent your kids (or even worse cats - I hate mine...anybody want it?) from getting into your krystal flash or all your hackles and spreading them all over the house. I really dislike my cat by the way. Plus it looks pretty cool.

    The guys down on your local ffing forum have posted some of their setups on the pages - some pretty awesome setups if you ask me. Ranks up there with some of the crazy scrapbooking setups my wife wants. Negatory.

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    Smile Storage for fly tying.

    I use plastic tool boxes that you can buy at Walmart or Sears. I have different boxes for feather, hooks, thread and fur. They are easy to store and transport and keep all my stuff more or less organized and as you add more stuff just buy another tool box. Tight lines and have a great fishing season.

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    Default craft store

    Check out the local craft stores. My wife gave me a rolling cart that she had bought at Joann's for her scrap booking stuff, and it is perfect for my tying materials. It has three big drawers down one side that hold big things like my thread organizers(also from Joann's). There are also 7 drawers down the other side that a not as deep as the other side, but are a lot wider, and have dividers in them so you can keep different materials in each drawer.

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    I'm using something like this.

    I put my tools, bobbins et al in the top drawer, next one down hooks, and then the other drawers are sorted by hackle, fur, other feathers, yarn, etc.

    I keep my thread in a plano devided box.

    PS, it's a good idea to throw some moth balls in with the feathers and fur to keep bugs out of em.

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    I would second the plastic tackle boxes (i have a big stack of them), but not the part about getting them from Wallmart though. i just finished building an oak fly tying table made to fit my stack of boxes so I can just pick it all up when I am finished (or when my wife says I am finished)

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    Thanks for the ideas guys. I think I will go with the toolbox and drawers. They both seem like good ideas. The last thing I'll need is a desk. Time to search the local classifieds.


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