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Thread: Kasilof Take-out?

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    Default Kasilof Take-out?

    I just had a couple of questions about the Kasilof River. I love drifting this river and I am itching to get my first run of the year in soon.

    So it sounds like the take out at Trujillo's is closed, is this true? Are there any other take outs besides Kasilof Kabins and Cohoe Cove? Does the parking get crowded at Kasilof Kabins, or is there enough room for everybody? It seems like a pretty short drift from the highway to Cohoe Cove and I am guessing that most boats go past this takeout. I guess that I was just wondering what most people are doing for a take out if Trujillo's is closed?

    I might have to go and fish Crooked Creek from shore and then do a little scouting around this weekend.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Default in & out @ cove

    I have had some awesome days just putting in at the cove. Row up to the tip of the island, then move down and slide grassy banks, then get out and pull the boat back up to the top and do it again! I would rather be beat with a club than to go stand on the bank at people hole with a d/b in the driveway! I have also went down and loaded on the beach, but I have'nt been down there in years, dont even know if there is still access.

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    Many boats are going past Trujillos to the Kasilof Kabins, while others opt for the short, easy float to Coho Cove... I wouldn't recommend trying to row down to the Kabins anywhere near high tide, however, it's no problem around the low tide. The other thing you can do is fish down below Coho, then use the high tide to row back up to it. This only works with about an 18 foot high or larger. You can still do it with a smaller high tide, but you will be working hard and dragging your boat through the tail outs above and below Grassy Banks. Hope this helps

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    Default rowing to Kasilof Kabins

    I've rowed to the cabins a number of times, even at high tide. A few weeks ago the wind was strong, and that sucked, but not undoable. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes to row out. Without Trujillos this year I'm sure I'll be doing it more often!


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