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Thread: Need cleanig advice for aluminum hull & canvas

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    Question Need cleanig advice for aluminum hull & canvas

    Hey I am a owner of a Alumaweld Intruder aluminum boat. The boat is in reasonablely good shape but has been kept outside with no cover. My questions fellow boaters are these. Formost is what/how to clean the hull and aluminum rails. Next how to preserve or keep clean. Next what soap to use on canvas and windows? Beyond that and other tips you care to provide me would surely help.

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    I just use water and dawn. For the most part I just spray the heck out of it then use the dawn and a scrub brush to get the fish slime off of it. There is a cleaner specifically for the plastic windows if you have em in your canvas top. For the rest of the top I think I threw some liquid tide in a bucket and scrubbed with one of those extendable car wash brushes. I take the canvas off the boat to wash it. I also don't leave the canvas up ever, at home. I store the sides in the garage and colapse the bimini top with its cover sleeve on, then tarp the whole thing. I don't find that I need to clean the top too often but that is probably just a sign that I should be using the boat more.

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    there is an acid based cleaner too - if you're boat is bare aluminum (don't suppose you need a special aluminum cleaner to clean paint!)

    Be sure to follow the directions carefully though (dilute properly and don't leave it on too long!)

    I've heard it works great.

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    Toilet bowl cleanner called the {works} the stuff is unreal, stray it on wait 5 min and wash it off,your boat will look new,if it's real bad you might have to scrub some.....way cheap and easy...
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    Default If you have the time and the $$

    I would recommend washing the hell out of your boat, then using an acid cleaner to get most of the stains out. After that, you can protect the hull with Sharkhide. They also sell a acid cleanser but I have never used it.

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    Talking Non Painted aluminum

    Ditto on the acid clean and sharkhide. Looks like new. Use pledge furniture polish on plastic windows.
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