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Thread: Side x Side adventure stories

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    Default Side x Side adventure stories

    I live down in Southern california (desert) and we usually have a group of 20-30 side by sides go on a monthly trip. how are the trails up there? do you guys have any groups? Im moving up soon would like to meet some new friends If i decide to bring the rhino with me.

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    Lots of people ride, you'll kick yourself if you leave it behind.

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    Definitely bring the rhino!!

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    Like others have said, definitely bring it. Presently there isn't any real big UTV large group-riding scene like you described. Instead, up here, as long as the snow is not too deep, we typically go every weekend, in smaller groups, often intermixed with ATVs and even 4WD trucks/Jeeps. There was a huge (like around 100 riders) poker run last Fall, which I hope we do again this year.

    For organized rides, check out the Alaska ATV Club's website at Most of the riding up here is trail-based, and after you join the ATV club's website, you can see descriptions of and locations for the various trails.

    So, leave your sand paddles at home, and come experience rock crawling, wooded trails, creek crossings, and goopy mud--to get to high mountain ridges, remove valleys, and glaciers!

    You would be well advised to outfit your rig for this terrain before coming up here, however, as you will soon discover, Alaska's unofficial motto is the "screw me on shipping charges" state! At a minimum, have decent trail/mud tires, a winch, and skid plates.


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