To Whom it may concern,

I was out with a buddy that was ordering a custom 338 Lapua from McMillan on the north side of Phoenix. Since we were near Brunos I decided to take a look. At that time they had RL15, 17, 19, 22, Hodgon H380, BLC-2, Win 748, IMR 4007ssc and a few others. They also had Federal large rifle primers.

We stopped by Dillon Precision on the way home and they had Win 760 and a few IMR and Hogdon powders, no primers.

These web sites are not current on powder inventories, it's best to call and ask if you don't see what you want. I'm not sure about shipping to Alaska but you guys may have some info on that.

I hope this helps, it seems that powder is becoming available again, good luck.