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    Default Simms warranty

    Simms waders have been discussed several times. Here's some feedback.

    My G3 waders are several years old now. During this spring's Yakutat trip I noticed I had a small pinhole leak at a seam intersection where the vertical and horizontal seam tapes met. Nothing that ruined the day, just a gray spot when I took them off. I made contact and returned the waders. Simms replaced both booties and gravel guards, re-taped two worn areas, one of which was the leak source, replaced the wading belt, and replaced the suspender clips. Nothing was their fault. These waders are well worn. I had washed them prior to returning them but when I got them back they looked absolutely brand new. I had to inspect them pretty hard to find that they were indeed mine and not a new pair. Pretty good service. Total cost for the repairs and shipping? $47.00. And all I returned them for was a pinhole leak at a wear point. Once again, Simms has impressed me. And I was already a fan.

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    Thanks for posting this. My waders are showing some signs of wear and I was wondering if I should send them back. I don't plan to do that unless they start to leak. But, at least I know that Simms will stand behind them. Thanks again!

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    Default Really happy to hear that

    While in Yakutat this year, I bear hunted two days--in my old G3's. The last day I took a black bear half way up a mountain and did quite a bit of climbing through alders, devils club and rasberry bushes and feared I had poked a hole--or a dozen--in my waders for sure. Strangely enough, no leaks. Was worried I would be sending them back for repair and luckily, not yet.

    I did have a terrible time with a pair of G4 boots this year and Simms/Mountain View Sports took great care of me.

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    Exactly what was the issue with your G4 boots (I have some studded felts, and the bottom of one is beginning to separate)?



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