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Thread: Camping in southern PWS

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    Default Camping in southern PWS

    There were a couple threads a while back that talked about camping spots, but all mentioned were middle to northern PWS. Is anyone willing to share a couple spots in south PWS? I'm looking for something on the south end of Knight or even on any of the entrance islands like latouche, evans, etc. Ideally it would have a nice secure anchorage for the boat (don't want to beach it). Thanks in advance!

    PS. I do have the cruising guide, but unless I missed something they made no mention of camping spots down there.

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    Before I started sleeping on the boat we would just cruise around till we found a decent anchorage then go ashore and see if there was a somewhat dry level spot to pitch the tent. There are plenty of locations our there and cruising the shoreline is a lot of fun in itself.

    No the cruising guide does not list camping spots.

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    I have camped on Knight in Marsha Bay and in the boat. It is a very nice little place to hole up. It is more on the east side though.

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    Default I am also

    looking for the same answer - will plan on south west side of Knight - weeeknds of June 20 and June 29.......

    I have a couple spots, but more would be great. I plan to do what is mentioned above and just cruise and look for a good spot.

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    Anyone stayed in shelter bay on evans island? Based on google maps, looks like there might be a nice spot at the head of the bay by the stream. Is all the land on evans island chenega owned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by northwestalska
    ... you canít tell stories about the adventures you wished you had done!

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    Thanks for the link! Great resource!


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