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    We were thinking of floating from Nome Creek put-in down to Beaver Creek and to the Yukon. Went up and looked at the put-in at the end of the road by Ophir Creek and it looked pretty shallow. Anybody done this and know if we are going to have to drag the boat or portage around a lot of log jams? I know it depends on water level but just want to get a feel for how difficult it is getting down to the confluence with Beaver Creek. I'm assuming that once we get to Beaver Creek there will be a lot more water??

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    I don't know if you've seen this info yet but the first one is a good read for sure. Check them out:

    Hypothermia, rhabdomyolysis, and near death on Beaver Creek

    Alaska Waterways: Beaver Creek

    I think the bottom line is expect to line your boat a lot and deal with a very difficult time getting down Opir Creek. We plan on doing this float next summer as we love the White Mountains in the winter and can't wait to see beaver creek at a different time of the year. But we will probably fly in and out instead of going all the way to the Yukon; or pickup a couple of packrafts.

    Hope it helps,

    Christien & Shelbye

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    nome creek is the way to go. there are no major jams on it. you may have some shallow spots that you may need to drag, but its no death march. rafts run beaver via nome on a regular basis. its similar to the upper chatanika.

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    Default Nome Cr To Beaver Cr...?

    Could a 19' square stern Grumman go down from the campground at the end of the road , at Nome Creek and go to the confluence with Beaver Creek,
    and motor back up with using the lift and occasional lining, or am I fooling myself?

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    well, i'm sure you could get it down to beaver, but back up............not so much so easy-peasy. nome and the first bit of beaver are very similar to the upper upper chantinika. but, if you do try let us know how it goes. i have visions of bogart dragging the african queen through the leaches...

    <<<<<Hypothermia, rhabdomyolysis, and near death on Beaver Creek>>>>>

    ya, saw this last year or so. written by someone who should never have left the lower 48. he got out there and got scared, freaked out, and cost the taxpayers for a rescue that had he had any experience would never have happened. but, its an amusing story nonetheless.

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