Nikon Demo Deals
We just received a few boxes of demos in from Nikon. All are in optically and functionally perfect condition. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal on the Nikon you've been wanting.
Some items have already been listed on our site, others are going up today. Please feel free to give a call to place an order if it is not yet posted on our site.
#7311 10x42 CF SE Porro Prism Binocular @ $599.99
#7366 8x36 Team Realtree Binocular @ $139.99
#7369 10x36 Sporter Binocular @ $94.99
#7420 10x36 Buckmaster Binoculars @ $109.99
#7432 10x42 Monarch ATB Binocuolar @ $209.99
#7525 10x42 Monarch ATB Team Realtree Camo @ $229.99
#8330 or #8336 Fieldscope 60 with Zoom Eyepiece, your choice straight or angled, @ $599.99
#7397 60mm Fieldscope III Outfit with Zoom Eyepiece, Case and Tripod @ $574.99
#7899 Fieldscope ED 78mm with Zoom Eyepiece @ $629.99
Please feel free to call with any questions. Thanks for your continued support.