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Thread: Seward or POW bear hunting tactics

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    Default Seward or POW bear hunting tactics


    Headed down to Seward with a buddy to do some black bear hunting this weekend, more of a boat trip than anything, but hopefully spot a bear (I hope).

    Its my first trip of this kind, don't really want areas, just want hunting tactics and potential bear locations for this time of year in this general area.

    My buddy already warned me they typically dont see shore bears this early, typically see thwm through the summer combing beaches after fish come in. My buddy also said the shore line tends to be pretty narrow, typically more rocky in area he goes, not like the pws pics I've seen

    So where is a good place to look for bears? Hitting the shore and trying to hunt high?,, watching bays for bears? Slogging through timber?? I just want opinions or experience on how or where to hunt the salt...

    Also meant to say PWS, not POW, must be all those war movies!@

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