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    Default Fairbanks Fly Shop

    I'm not sure if you guys have heard, but the Fly Shop here in Fairbanks is closing its doors by August. Really sucks for Fairbanks people as it is the last privately owned fly shop in the area. Only good thing about it is there are some pretty good deals on Fly Fishing Equipment right now. Some Sage rods are 1/2 off and others are 30% off, some good deals on Flys, Line, and some Apparel. Pretty good deals on more stuff, just cannot remember any, I always end up leaving that place with $100 less in my pocket. Love it, but you hate it.

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    Default Fairbanks fly shop

    Thats sad news, Howie is a great guy, and was very helpful when it came to fly fishing. I spent alot of money myself in that place. I hate to see the small local businesses close. Best of luck to them.

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    That does suck......I havent been in there much in the last few years, yet always enjoyed it, and like yall have spent my fair share there...I hope Howie is doing well!!!

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    Default It is sad and

    A couple of us tried our best to get backing to keep it running under his direction but with what is going on around the U.S. and the economy it just not happen sad to say. There are some smoking deals going on and if ever thought of dropping some cash on a Sage or Ross you need to stop in an getter done! Howie probably has forgotten more about fly fishing than most of us know. Stop in and Help him out as much as you can. He has had several health issues over the past two years and could use the Support of Fairbankians and the Forum members! Here is his Web site:

    Last note on the subject promise; It is diffucult to find a person who has given so much to the sport and the local economy and never blew his own horn and or try to sell you something you did not need! He continues to provide a first rate service and an outstanding product line. Like I said if you ever thought of purchasing quality give him a shout and Help someone who has helped so many.


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    Well said moose!!!! amen to that!

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    I met Howie (via phone) my first week in AK several years ago. I was a crew leader for the USFWS with the task of catching rainbows via hook and line for an abundance survey in Bristol Bay. I had angled thousands of hours in my life but the proper AK flies were new to me. Via phone Howie set me up with the whole gamut of potentially effective flies and spent lots of time telling me how to use them, where, etc. with an absolute ton of patience and obvious knowledge of the topic. His info and flies ended up being a very integral part of a successful project and set me down the path of tying my own and tinkering with patterns to fully enjoy the old and the new of if I could only make a conehead zuddler as pretty as the ones he sold me .

    Really a great guy, sad to hear the shop is going away.

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    Sad to see the local fly shop go. Even if I buy only one black gnat, I can spend an hour in there talking with Howie and his staff. I arrived here in AK last year and had no idea how to catch a salmon. I asked Howie and I knew twenty times more than I did half an hour prior. Others in the shop directed me to gems like Little Harding and always provided the best service.

    Went by on Friday and walked out with two Sage rods, tying materials, a new fly line and a Alaska Fly Shop t-shirt. Great deals.

    If any of one from the shop is reading this, I just wanted to say thanks again for everything!

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    Default Thanks.

    Something about local fly shops I like - the local touch. Good local knowledge. Often been at it a long while.

    In Fairbanks for work periodically, but always enjoyed dropping in. A fine little fly shop. I hope somehow it'll be revived.


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