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Thread: Float Suggestions, early September...

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    Default Float Suggestions, early September...

    Hello, we are debating renting a raft with a fishing frame setup to float a river (or two) while around Anchorage in early september. Looking at just doing day floats, anywhere on the Kenai Pennisula or within an hour or two of Anchorage inland.

    I am a semi-experienced oarsman, as long as it's a Class III or less run, I think we'll be ok. I'll have my girl with me who is not very experienced oaring, so going to a river with a lot of public access to pull off and fish would be very helpful depending on the boating laws in AK. Speaking of, can someone point me to the regulations that state the high water lines/trespassing/floating/boater in distress laws?

    Also, I've found a few rental companies, but any suggestions would be much appreciated that are local to any suggested rivers.

    This is our first time visiting AK, we would like to target steelhead mostly since we have never caught them, but some dollies thrown in would be cool too. We should already have our fill of cohos by then and would prefer a river small enough to not have or want a motor if possible. I've been reading books but they do not talk much about float fishing and researching has only lead me to a lot more guides than information.

    Does anyone have suggestions for that time of year?


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    Fishing near Anchorage or Kenai in September... Sounds like a prescription for the Kenai River, but the other than a few giant Rainbows the fishing might be limited to more Cohos. Not sure where you'd find Steelhead around here.

    If you remove fishing from the equation the opportunities open up.


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