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Thread: High quality foot pump (pic included)

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    Default High quality foot pump (pic included)

    Just in case anyone is in need of a good foot pump, I thought I would share this. It is the "Bigfoot" pump from Clavey and appears to be of very high quality. I had been searching for some time when I found it. To say this was a hard to find item would be an understatement. Seems most foot pumps are of the cheaper $20-30 plastic variety. I was looking for something more reliable for remote float trips. Goo Vogt, (forum member "goeaux") of Alaska Wildwater in Anchorage let me borrow a pump for my last float trip in NW Alaska. At that time I had just bought my first raft, rented frame/oars, and was as green as they come. It was a very high quality and heavy duty pump and I assumed all foot pumps were made to a similar standard. Turns out, the market is pretty barren of such pumps. Just thought I would post this in case it benefited anyone.

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    Default Bigfoot pump

    Hey Dan, good choice- If you haven't ordered yours yet let me know. I have 6 coming in next week. Have a safe- fun season.

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    Once landed, what will they retail for ?

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    Default Bigfoot pump

    Clavey gets $120 each and im guessing at about $20 freight ea. You can e-mail me at or call 345-4308


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