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    Default Mokai Tracks

    Hello everyone, I'd like to start a thread for fellow Mokai owners to post where they've been in their Mokai's. I've got one and I'm looking for new places to take it - let's share our trips.

    I've towed my sea kayak to Blackstone Bay twice now - out of Whittier, down passage canal and hang a right. My Mokai tows myself and my kayak with camping gear at about 7-8mph. When I get to Blackstone, I park the Mokai and spend two days paddling around the bay, then drive back to Whittier. This summer I'm planning to stretch the legs a little further and head to Harriman. I could take a water-taxi but this is much cheaper and much more fun, being able to stop anywhere to explore, fish, take pictures and whatnot.

    I'm also planning to hit the Little Sue, several times this summer.

    So where have you taken your Mokai?

    Where are you going next?


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    Default A curious boater.

    Im just curious about the Porpises out of whittier and there reaction to little things on the water. Have you seen any while out there MA and if so how was thier reaction to the Mokia? I am just trying to imagine what it would be like.

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    The Blackstone trip is a blast, I was worried about a sealion but he was just watching.

    The run up to Carmen on twenty mile is very nice.

    Little Su is about 6.5 hours from hi way to Berma nice run. Scherock(sp) to highway was is 2.5 hours with portage around fallen trees.

    Chulitna to Trappers creek is a great run.

    Whittier to Seward about 130 miles a real eye opener when you get to the point and the seas are big, that was the inspiration for the windshield.

    The longer trips got us to thinking about more power for faster travel times.

    Kink is a good river to learn how to read the shallow water.

    I make foil bags with food to hang by the muffler so that I have a hot meal when I go out, working on a hot water bottle for coffee,tea ,soup, or hot chocolate.
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    That is an interesting little craft, got any pictures of it in action?

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    search the power boating thread "we have done it". for video.

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    Default Blackstone Pic

    Just a few pics of Mokai towing my sea kayak.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Mokai

    I've been thinking about purchasing one, but I'm concerned it might not do what I'm invisioning.

    Can you take one up the Kenai river, does it have enough thrust?

    What about Down/Up the Willow, Little Willow?

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    Those rivers are no problem. PM me I will take you out for a test ride.

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    Smile mokai

    I am looking at buying one, but do not where to get one in Alaska. I was woundering if some one could help? Where and how much?

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    He isn't called alaskamokaiman for nothing, shoot him a PM.

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    They are ordered factory direct 1 888 50 MOKAI (66524).

    Cost is $3950 FOB Palmer.

    Phone numbers are posted here.


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