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    Default Question on trailers

    I have been looking for a trailer for a reasonable price to haul a 700 Grizzley and a meat trailer. Found one at Lowes that is a 5x8 Mesh floor for $800 but it did not look to sturdity yet it was rated at 1650 for max weight. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything or may have one? Thanks for any info!

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    Do not waste your money. Check out one of the places that sells or makes real trailers. With the cost of your machine why on earth would you skimp on a trailer? For some reason, the roads up here 'eat' cheap trailers on a regular basis. The trailer that we got from White Spruce 10 years ago is still going well and we do several trips to the Denali highway each year.
    Bite the bullet and get a good trailer!

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    Bought a 18 footer off the fourm buy and sell for 950.00 looks a little rough but its a great trailer. Should be able to find a two place steel or Alluminum tilt trailer for 500.00 to 1000.00 on CL or the buy and sell here.
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    with Bearcat, pay between $7000-$10,000 for a machine, put $500.00 worth of tires, $200.00 worth of bags and gun cases, don't skimp on tiedown straps or a trailer, make sure you get a well built trailer with full size tires and good places to tie stuff down, buy high quality ratchet straps not the $5 Walmart specials and you will save yourself many headaches.
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