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Thread: Heaters in campers

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    Does anyone know what the safest heater is to run inside a camper. I just bought a camper without a stove or a heater. I was thinking of a mr buddy heater or a catalytic heater, But they pricey. Thanks for any help.

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    Both of those are poor choices. You must, for your own safety and that of others, install a direct vented furnace. The exhaust must be vented to the exterior of the camper. Quite a few dead people have thought otherwise. This ain't down south. Frost will form along any crack and seal it up tighter than a bull's a## at fly time. Leaving you with nothing but carbon monoxide to breathe. In an area not prone to frosting, you might get by with less, but then again, maybe not. You would be betting your life on it.

    Several brands out there, just make sure it is direct vented. For the very best, you should look at the Webasto or Espar. Less quality ones like the ones used in motorhomes and campers are energy inefficient.

    Another thing to consider would be using a generator with an electric heater.
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    And add a carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm to your list.


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    Check out those Wabasto heaters (I think thats how its spelled). We use them in our work vans in Prudhoe. With little or no insulation in those box vans the heaters will cook you out at -40* if ya don't turn the thermostat down .


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